Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday. I'm not Catholic, but I always pig out today and then give something up tomorrow. I think I might give up pigging out. My lovely boss brought us chips and salsa from Hacienda today and then made us margaritas. I came home after work, fell asleep, and woke up at 6:30. Full. I made dinner -- spaghetti -- with my daughter, who was kind enough to clean off the table after I helped her with her homework, and to set it for dinner. Have I mentioned I'm full? Because I also ate dinner. And I'm drinking coffee. And watching Jeopardy, which I love and haven't gotten to watch in forever. (We do, however, have 107 episodes on tape for whenever Steve and I get around to watching them!)

Tonight, there are two hours of American Idol, 15 minutes of which will have actual content, the rest of which will be annoying crap they use as filler. But I will watch it, nonetheless, for those 15 minutes, which is how they get their ratings. People who like the crap, and people who sit through the crap to see the good stuff.

In listening to this audiobook, "Forever Fifteen", I have to ask -- WHY, Danny? I can't stand listening to this girl read, seriously. Kimberly Steele, I think her name is. She SLAUGHTERS any accent she attempts. Her voice sounds the same for every character she reads, except for the slaughtering of whatever accent she's attempting next. If it's a man, it's a lower pitch, and if it's a female it's higher. I'm only on disc two, of like... eight or nine. If you're reading this, Danny, I'm doing this because we're friends. I except you to read Twilight after this, if I have to pin your arms to the floor and read it to you.

I want chocolate. Luckily, I have Girl Scout Cookies left. I gave the rest of them to our kids for their Alice in Wonderland gift :)

Time for American Idol.


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  1. The beauty of a DVR or VCR is recording it so as to zip right past the 'crap' later, including the screaming AMERICAN FREAK commercials and that droll simpering Robert Rosenfeld. (!) It's the only way to watch commercial TV anymore.

    And I join you in making a resolution to eat healthier for the next little while. I gained a few poundies here in the last few months and they need to come back off!