Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ellen is My American Idol

I was never one for reality shows, because I know they are completely unrealistic. After having tried out for American Idol myself, the audition process was a joke, and what you see on television really happens over the course of almost an entire week, not just in one day. An extremely small percentage of people actually ever get to see the television celebrity judges. So I was almost over watching it -- until --

ELLEN DEGENERES! I love her! I've been a big fan of hers since I was a young girl, and I saw her on an HBO special hosted by Martin Short called "Women of the Night" doing stand-up comedy. Her comic timing, her demeanor, her style of speech -- everything about her screams talent. And I already love watching her on American Idol. I request a 'dislike' button for Cara HoweverYouSpellHerLastName, though. Meh.

Also, my epic grocery shopping did not last the month it was supposed to, as predicted. I had to go again today. Double Meh, because I really despise grocery shopping as well.

Tomorrow we have an audience for Alice in Wonderland, Jr. and I think the kids will do a terrific job. Our run is Friday through Sunday, and then we strike and close the show after the Sunday matinee. Although I need the break, I'll miss this group. Yeah, you heard me right. I'm going to miss 49 kids. Well, I'll miss 46 of them. Three of them come home with me every night! :)

I've been working on "Under the Tuscan Sun" -- she even puts recipes for authentic Italian food in there! I could probably be a good cook if I weren't so concerned about the health and well-being of my family. I could make some great things if I were willing to saute everything in butter and then mix it with half and half. Now I'm hungry again. I did make beef stroganoff tonight before I went grocery shopping. Mainly because those ingredients were the last thing I had left in the house.

Wish us some leg-breaking tomorrow night -- more info to come!

In case there are some Sunday tickets left, call tomorrow at 574-848-4116 and make them yours!


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