Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Countdown Begins

Until Alice in Wonderland, Jr. Opening Night: 9 DAYS
Call 574-848-4116 to get your tickets!

Until our trip to Fabulous Las Vegas: 21 DAYS
(Really, it's okay to go there, no matter what the President says!)

Until my tax return is directly deposited into my checking account and I can be debt-free: 5-10 DAYS

Until my mom's 39th birthday again: 8 DAYS

Until my birthday: 43 DAYS

Our rehearsals that last couple of nights have been very productive. The kids are cleaning things up nicely, songs and lines are coming along well, characters are being developed, and I think the show is going to be wonderful. Although Steve's lost his voice from being sick, so I've been the loudmouth at rehearsal yesterday and today. I think it's the most all the kids have heard me talk this entire time. Hope I don't scare them off...

I fell off the diet wagon and had a 7-11 Cheeseburger Big Bite when I got my cappuccino. Oh, it was heavenly. I also ate half a box of Girl Scout cookies last night, too. Tagalongs. Frankly, I could've eaten the entire box and probably the next one, but I thought I'd share with the husband. He deserves a few cookies now and then.

Reading? Who has time for such things? "A Scanner Darkly" this morning on the way to work. As antsy as I am to finish it, I sometimes need wind-down time in the car after work and want to talk on the phone instead of listening. This weekend should be productive in the realm of reading, I should think. Also, I've been working the 6:30-2 shift everyday this week, because poor Tanya messed up her muscles and hasn't been able to walk much or stand up for too long without being in major pain. Hoping she feels better soon (not just because I'm sleepy, either!) At any rate, just haven't felt like reading too much. I'm staying on track, though. February is a short month and with our trip planned for Andie and Kevin's wedding, I'll lose a few days reading time there, so I'll get caught up soon. (Who wants to READ in Las Vegas!? Really!?)

5:30 a.m. will be coming soon, so... off to bed I go! Nighty night, kids!



  1. But just think of all the time you'll have to read on the flights!!! Maybe I should get a book :)
    Elizabeth would very much like to be a girl scout. My biggest concern is how many boxes of Samoa's I might go through.. er caramel delights... whatever they are now.

  2. I will drive her to Girl Scout meetings for half-price cookies. F'real.

  3. Hmmmm... this might just be the deal of the century.