Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bad with the Good

The last few weeks have been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster for me, but I'm attempting to keep those emotions from rearing their ugly heads as much as possible. Today, however, I went to the hospital to see my grandfather who is, for lack of a nice way to put it, dying.

Humanity stares you straight in the face, and it's ugly. We're born, we live, and we die. The most important part is what you fill the center -- the 'live' part -- with. While I was holding my grandpa's hand, he talked a little bit here and there but most of it was very difficult to understand. One thing he did say, though, was "I had a good life. I had a good family."

That's what filling the center -- the 'live' part -- is really about.

Our family has its ups and downs, sometimes high ups and sometimes low downs. But we love one another, probably more than each individual is aware of, and, in the end, that's what really matters.

A whirlwind trip with a bit of relaxation, a bit of excitement, and a lot of love is upcoming! Congratulations in advance to Andie and Kevin -- I am happy for you both, and so glad you asked us to join in your celebration.

I did some reading last night on "The Inhuman Condition" by Clive Barker, which already has me hooked. Had I any idea that I would enjoy Clive Barker so much, I would've read all of his novels years ago!

On the other hand, "Forever Fifteen" is losing me more and more each day. The "Forever" stands for "how long is this book going to go on without a point" and "Fifteen" is the number of new characters the author introduces in each chapter, and I'm weary of trying to keep up. Danny: you owe me.

Time for American Idol -- there will be no blogging until Sunday, but I promise to give you the full detailed blog you deserve.

Happy Week(end) everyone!


  1. I'm really sad to hear about your grandfather, I've been going through similar stuff with both my grandmother and grandfather lately and it's hard. But you're absolutely right. It's the "live" part that matters.

    Heart you!


  2. Thanks so much. Praying for you and yours!