Friday, February 12, 2010

Almost Late

It's 11:45, but it's still Friday, so this counts! We had a successful opening night of Alice in Wonderland, Jr. and some fabulous pictures will be posted sooner or later, probably a link to Facebook when I get myself organized. Thanks to all who were in attendance. There are some seats left for tomorrow's added matinee for those who haven't gotten tickets yet, so be sure to show up and grab them!

Some great grub tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings (Zachary's favorite place to eat!) Thanks to John Shoup and Penny Meyers for all your hard work on the show, we really enjoyed kicking back with you tonight, and glad you could make it, too, Carl! Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things with you for our Escanaba in Da Muncie project!

Hoping to post more this weekend, but it won't be much tomorrow. We have to be at the theatre around 1:30ish and won't be leaving until after the second performance tomorrow night. I shall be zonked out!

Have a great night and, if you're performing tomorrow, break a leg!



  1. Great opening night. The Salisbury family is a very talented bunch!! That caterpillar was fantastic!!

  2. Awww :) *blush* Thank you! Glad you could come. We've had a blast, but I'm ready for some relaxation!