Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Warmer, Please

The weather and the general feeling in the air could be warmer and I would greatly appreciate it.

Paul Giamatti is not, in my estimation, the most attractive man on the planet, but he certainly can act. I'm not even talking about films -- I mean, just on his vocal abilities alone, this man should get an Oscar. (Do they do that? Nah.) So, this audiobook, "A Scanner Darkly" by Philip K. Dick, is amazing. Giamatti narrates and has a different vocal personality for each character he portrays - male, female, cops, druggies, dealers - it's incredible. I fully believe that I'm listening to that particular person talking when he does their voice. I can see their faces, and their gestures, feel their emotion by whatever he's feeding into their voices. I might have to put Paul Giamatti on the list of people I HAVE to meet someday.

I've also been working, slowly, on "Under the Tuscan Sun". Mayes details every last thing - the dirt, the cement, the types of flowers, the wrinkles in people's faces - I feel overwhelmed sometimes because there is so much detail, and she intricately laces it in with the actual plot which is nice. Some authors go into vivid detail and then it never really pertains to what's actually going on, so you get lost in it. Anne Rice does that in some of her novels, to the extent that I'm hesitant to read them when she comes out with a new one because I'm never sure I want to waste so much of my time on what could have been 200 pages shorter.

In other news, for the first time in what literally must be YEARS, my dogs slept through the night TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. I have no recourse other than to believe that they are getting online while I am at work, reading my blogs, and have been successfully shamed into submission.

It's been a rough day, and I'm all ready for vegetation mode.

Hoping yours was better than mine,

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