Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Down, Ninety-Eight To Go

I finished "The Lost Symbol" this afternoon. I was very close last night. Instead of staying up goofing off on the computer at night if I'm not tired, I've been laying in bed beneath the perpetual Christmas lights. Steve can sleep through almost anything. I firmly believe that I could hold a dance-a-thon for charity in the kitchen while he's sleeping and he'd never know. Last night, however, I succumbed to the lusty advances of sleep. She's a harsh mistress. Therefore, I didn't finish the Dan Brown book until this afternoon. And, not wanting to give anything away, I will simply say that it was, thus far, the best book I've read of his.

Thursday is my 'mental health' day, but it rarely manifests itself as such. Originally, I decided I needed to take a day off during the week from my regularly scheduled daily grind (pun intended as I do, in fact, work at a coffeehouse called The Daily Grind) so that I could regroup and invest my efforts in our household. Cleaning, organizing, doing latent projects that have been in dire need of attention. However, with the holidays, that's been thrown by the wayside for a bit. I worked at the DG two Thursdays in a row to make up for the two Fridays in a row that I'd have off for Christmas and New Year's Day, and then had to clean two houses this afternoon for the last two cleaning clients I still have. The economy is telling my clients they do not need me. I prefer to think that God is telling me he no longer wants me to clean houses. Therefore, I'm not on the lookout for new housecleaning clients, just a way to market my writing and editing skills on the side.

Enter "The Arts in Michiana". My friend Peter has come up with a bi-weekly newsletter encompassing most of Elkhart County and the surrounding area, sort of like a "Coffee News" pamphlet but with arts-only information and advertisements. He has taken me up on my offer to edit it for him. It's something I'm passionate about, it puts my skills to good use, and will look great on a resume when I finally move to Las Vegas someday. You know, when I grow up. And perhaps it'll bring in some cash at some point while I'm still here!

I'm close to being finished with the Kay Arthur book as well. She's into a lot of parenting information right now that is very useful, and she ties it in with the marriage theme as well. So many people think that marriage and parenting are completely separate realms. Definitely not so.

It's interesting to see what books people are recommending to me now that I've started this challenge for myself. Post a comment and tell me about a book that you think I might like -- if it strikes my fancy, I might get to it sometime this year and let you know what I think!

I've gotten a little further in the Steve Martin biography, too. I have to say, the more I learn about him, the more honored I feel that I got to see him last year. One of the things I love so much about Steve Martin is his ability to use the English language intelligently. Some of his humor is so subtle, and I love the three minute delay factor. You know, when someone says something funny but you don't think about how funny it is until about three minutes later when you realize it's funny on about five different levels, and then it all comes together at once and you can't stop laughing. Who knew that the guy with the plastic arrow through his head would be around for this long, and could intricately craft his talents into something so ... almost universal, at this point in his life. I honestly don't think I have ever met anyone who didn't know who Steve Martin was. And his best roles? L.A. Story & Simple Twist of Fate have to be my top two for him. (His versions of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Silas Marner".) His bluegrass music, his Saturday Night Live performances... there's really nothing he's ever done that I haven't liked. When you grow up watching and thinking you know so much about someone, and then delve into a biography and are blown away at some of the things you could never imagine about them, it just makes you want to go back and re-watch everything again. Oh, and "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels." Heh.

I'm writing all of this when I should be reading.

So, I'll get back to that! I do have ninety-eight more books to finish, you know. And thanks to bad weather and canceled activities this evening, I have plenty of time to do it!

Have a great night. Bundle up!

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