Monday, January 11, 2010

Life's Little Surprises

So, last night, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm on my way to the video store to take back a Blu-Ray of the crummy movie that we watched, and I left my cell phone at home by choice, because it's only a mile away. Literally. One mile. I'm thinking, why would I possibly need my cell phone to drive a mile and back to drop off a video?

The answer to this question became apparent to me as I neared the video store and my front passenger side tire completely shredded for no reason at all. I did not hit a pothole or any other obstacle, and nothing was embedded in the tire. I'm half-wondering if it was God's way of telling me I should always carry a cell phone, but I never thought He was that big on technology. Long story short, my husband has amazingly quick tire-changing skills, and the lovely people at Monteith replaced it with a used tire and also fixed the back driver's side tire (which had a slow leak because there was a screw burrowed deep down inside) for the bargain price of only $41.75. And there was much rejoicing. (Yay.)

Last night while I was looking through my library for another book to read, I found a good pile of about five or six that I was interested in. You'll probably laugh at me, since I have a degree in English, but I've never read "A Wrinkle in Time" and it looked like something I would enjoy. I've read "A Ring of Endless Light" by L'engle, and was fascinated by it so much that I read it several times, so one would think that I would've read a classic such as this. Nopers. But after tonight, I will have. There are some other classics that I should have under my belt at this point that I haven't read either, but I may or may not get to those. I have to say, anything by Faulkner just turns my stomach. I despise his writing. Jane Austen's, too. I can't even bring myself to read "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" because there is so much of her writing in there. The Zombies part would almost be worth it. But not quite.

Sadly, I've missed a day of the Steve Martin book because it's in the CD player in my car which was out of commission. I had to get up slightly earlier than usual and ride into work with my husband and back today. He was kind enough to make my daily stop for a cappuccino (on my way to the coffeehouse where I work. I know. The irony is not lost on me, and I do apologize. I have an addiction to 7-11 English Toffee Cappuccino, and it's rough to admit, but now that it's out there perhaps I can recover.)

Well, the kids are in bed, the big dog and little dog are sleeping on the floor and chowing down on Purina respectively, and the husband is reading in the office, so I can probably finish "Wrinkle" and add it to my list. Don't worry, the next few books I have in line are longer and meatier than the last couple.

I have a weigh-in at work tomorrow. Must... not... have... snacks.

Monday. Blah.



  1. Ew, you like that re-hydrated powder crap that spurts out of the fungus-filled "coffee machine" at 7-11? You are a nasty cat.

  2. I like A Swiftly Tilting Planet by L'Engle