Sunday, January 24, 2010

In The Shadow of Monday

I'm a big fan of Sunday, right up until about 7pm when I realize that it's almost over, and tomorrow is Monday. It was a relaxing day though. A nice visit with family, played a couple of board games, skipped rehearsal because my director said it was okay. I snacked a bit too much, so I might not be eating a lot before my weigh-in on Tuesday. My goal for this week was 140 but I think that was perhaps a bit too aggressive of a goal. I did take a brisk walk in the breezy cool afternoon with my neighbor Lynda -- we walked her dogs, a black lab/great dane mix and a boxer, for about a mile. Sadly, we walked them in front of my house, where my dogs stared out the window barking at me for cheating on them. I felt ashamed. I'm over it now. I'm pretty sure they are, too. But once in awhile, they look at me with that look, and I just know that they remember.

I'm going to take a good, hot bubble bath and read some more of "Under the Tuscan Sun" before bedtime. Steve and Zachary are watching football, Michael went to bed, and Aria's working on her weekly social studies mini-report. I'm trying to A) prep myself for Monday, and B) shake off the rage I had from the toll booth.

Explain to me why we raised toll prices, then removed the jobs of the people working at the toll booths and automated them and, lastly, why every time I use the stupid toll road the little machine that takes my money away doesn't work. Inevitably, I have to press the 'help' button. This time, it wouldn't take my ticket. The guy said, "Where did you get on?" and I could easily have said the last exit and paid a quarter, but I believe in honesty even when I'm angry, so I told him and paid my full dollar, crumpling up the ticket and throwing it into the back seat of my car. Growling the whole time. I refuse to get the I-Zoom, or I-Pass, or I-Take-Your-Money-Away, or whatever you want to call it. Usually I attempt NOT to use the toll road, but when it's dark and wet on the roads, I'd rather be safe than take back roads, especially when I'm driving with my kids. I'm still growling, though. Hence the need for a good, hot bubble bath and some reading.

I really hope my last W2 comes tomorrow. That would be the highlight of my Monday, I'm sure. Unless I kill in tips tomorrow, which would also be cool.

Another fun tip -- if you would be so kind as to comment HERE while you are signed in, I'd appreciate it. Sometimes I miss the ones on Facebook, and I'm trying really hard to get conversations started by people that are a part of this blog. If you have a comment, please follow this blog and write your comment below so we can all see it and discuss it! Thanks!

And a cool tidbit of news -- our oldest son is in Northern Lights show choir, and they got to perform at the Pacers game last night. The highlight of HIS night? He got to meet Jared from Subway! He was getting a beer (which I'm pretty sure does NOT come with the healthy meals at Subway.) Jared, not my son. Was getting a beer. You know what I mean.

Happy Rest Of Your Sunday Night!


  1. You're not the first person I've heard complain about the automated troll {sic} booths. I'm conducting my own personal little boycott of the Troll {sic} Road.

    I've got this sneaking suspicion that any moment now your writing career is going to take off and you're going to be world-famous and fabulously rich. Which you would so richly deserve.


  2. BILL! Thank you *blush* So glad to see you! (Sort of see you...)

    Andie -- hehe, I didn't ask, but it's probable!