Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Epic Grocery Shopping

I just bought a month's worth of food/personal care items for my wonderful family of five (seven if you count the dogs, but I only spent $20 on them since they only eat one thing.) My fear is that, in the excitement of having a month's worth in the house, everyone will overindulge and, two-and-a-half weeks from now, someone will inevitably be saying, "When are you going grocery shopping again? We're out of _______". The other problem is, now I'm hungry. I've eaten enough today, but there are so many tasty morsels out there just begging to be consumed. Luckily, I have willpower... most of the time. Sometimes. Sporadically. I'll be right back, I need some snackies to power my typing.

I've found that I enjoy audiobooks more when someone else is listening along with me. On the way back from shopping, my daughter and I were listening to "Firstlight", and some of the stories were much better when we shared them together, because we could talk in between. She enjoyed it as well, and it made for a much better drive home after almost three hours of errands than listening to crummy music or commercials. (My batteries for my satellite radio adapter are dead and I keep forgetting to put them from the recharger back into the adapter and back into the car. Someone out there should remind me to do that.)

On another note, I went shopping with a close friend of mine today after work and had a very enjoyable time. Yes, I shopped and enjoyed it. As most of you know, I hate shopping in general. But I do enjoy shopping with a purpose from time to time, as long as it's not for groceries and especially not for a month's worth of groceries. But this was nice -- we had a purpose. Her twin babies with with us, and I experienced something lovely which she must experience every day: people are fascinated with twins. Every eye was on them the entire time we were out, and so many people remarked on them. They are particularly fascinating to me as well, so I can appreciate all the hubbub. And my arms got a fabulous workout a couple of times when I got to hold them both at the same time while she was trying on clothes!

Now, it's about that time where I get to vegetate. No rehearsal tonight, but it hasn't been as relaxing as one might think. You know... epic grocery shopping.


Here's to my day of housewifery tomorrow!


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