Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I cannot wait!!! FAME came out on Blu-Ray today and I can't see it until tomorrow night, but I am psyched! (Does anyone even say 'psyched' anymore? I don't care!)

I did not finish "A Wrinkle in Time" yet. I'm sort of distracted by the fact that it has so many parallels to "The Neverending Story". (Another book which I have not read, but I own. I have seen the movie approximately 482 times, however.) I've been in my car a lot today so I've been working on getting through the Steve Martin autobiography (to remind you, it's called "Born Standing Up".) I am thoroughly enjoying this one. I find myself wishing that it were longer than it is, but even for an autobiography, there is an extreme amount of information in it.

How do I word the next sentence to be grammatically correct? I don't care, so I'll just say it: I am at the point in the book now where Steve Martin's career is where it was when I first became cognizant of who Steve Martin is. (Didja get through that, and are we still on the same page?) The "early 80s" Steve Martin. It's fascinating to me not only to see how he got to that point, but what's going on behind the scenes while he's at that point.

One thing in particular that I was surprised to learn is that Steve Martin has suffered prolonged bouts of anxiety attacks. I find comfort in this, oddly, because I (and most female members of my family) have suffered the same thing for years to different degrees. For those of you who have never had to deal with this malady, for lack of a better term, his description is perfect: An anxiety attack embodies every aspect of the emotion of fear without an actual object of fear. (This part is my description: Say you were standing in the middle of the road, unable to move, and a semi-truck was driving directly towards you at 80mph and was, indeed, going to kill you. THAT is what an anxiety attack is like, just without the semi. Martin sort of says the same thing, but uses a lion as an example.) It's strangely humbling to know that I share something in common with such a celebrity -- we're all human, you know?

On the way home from dropping off one of the students involved in our youth production of Alice in Wonderland, I was listening to the book and he was describing one of his acts, and how he would throw random things in just to see what would happen if he said them. One was, "How many people here have never raised their hands?"

I almost had to pull my car over I laughed so hard. And that's the greatest thing about Steve Martin -- you never know what you're going to get, but it's always, always hilarious.

Thursday I am off work, and so I plan to do a lot of reading catch-up. Wonder if I just stayed home all day how much I could get through!?

Anticipating FAME... let me know if you watch it, and what you think!

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